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Fluid Edge Themes

Slide Be accompanied at all stages of your project. A first meeting on site Evaluate the different scenarios The most cost-effective control A trial period without commitment on the market Manufacturing, installation and commissioning Continuous improvement and technical support

1. A first meeting on site

To understand the current and future needs of your growing strategy.

We will visit the facilities and evaluate the various constraints specific to the project. We will leave nothing to chance.

2. Evaluate the different scenarios

Then recommend the optimal scenario based on the producer's input.

We also present the eligible subsidies, the estimated level of profitability and the available financing options. .

3. A trial period without commitment

It is always possible to test the proposed solution over a predetermined period to measure and validate the estimated results.

Once completed, our team of experts will present you with an evaluation report with our recommendations and the necessary adjustments for the next step.

4. Fabrication, installation and commissioning

Once the solution is validated and approved by the client, a construction plan is established according to the producer's schedule.

Necessarily, SYMPHONI's team takes care of the commissioning, the training of the employees and all the necessary documentation in order to allow them to operate the equipment and maximize the gains.

5. Continuous improvement and technical support

Once installed, our solution can benefit from technical support via our continuous improvement program customized to your needs, allowing you to constantly improve the performance of your crops.

Slide About our continuous improvement program... About our continuous improvement program...
About our continuous improvement program...Specially created for you, this program puts at your disposal a team of scientists and engineers specialized in photobiology in order to complete your team's expertise. The frequency and level of analysis is defined according to your needs and can also be subject to governmental support for productivity and innovation

You will continuously increase the quality and quantity of your crops, decrease your operating costs, minimize your energy expenses and your impact on the environment and possibly develop a know-how on other crop species to diversify your offer.

Trust SYMPHONI to orchestrate your crops.

SYMPHONI is proudly designed and manufactured in Quebec.

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