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Slide A tailor -made sun Our adaptive spectral technology allows us to customize the to the requirements of each crop and its stage of growth. More information


Sunlight is not enough? Do you want to expand your growing capacity all year round or are you disappointed with the limited performance of your sodium lighting?

Enter the new horticultural generation and discover our unparalleled solutions for your greenhouse culture!
100% Quebecois, SYMPHONI combines the latest scientific advances in photobiology and a unique innovative design to offer exceptional growth performance, optimal life expectancy and energy efficiency, all with the added benefit of and energy efficiency, while simplifying operation and maintenance.

Discover our products Litebar and Liteblaze!


Discover all the possibilities that our lights offer you in terms of vertical agriculture... Our engineers have thought of everything for you!

SYMPHONI offers you a compact, versatile and programmable solution with high energy efficiency, whose luminous flux varies easily according to your crop, allowing for unequalled results. unmatched results. Our FlowSink technology FlowSink minimizes the impact of fixtures on room temperature, ensuring an optimal growing environment. You have developed a growing system with specific specific dimensions and needs? Don't worry, we also custom build.

Discover our product Litebar Micro


More abundant harvest, more intense flavors, brighter colors, thicker and crisper leaves.... SYMPHONI offers you smaller fixtures that do not block natural light! natural light! They are easy to maintain and can reduce the presence of parasites. Their unmatched adaptability and spectral performance will make your crops grow faster and more luxuriant!


Redder, more abundant and tasty tomatoes, thanks to compact and mobile lighting, following the growth of the plants


Fresher, green, and sweet peppers.


Cucumber plants with strong and voluminous stems to support their growth


Flowers with more vibrant colors thanks to a wider light spectrum


Greener, lusher and denser plants, regardless of your greenhouse configuration


From design to commissioning on site, SYMPHONI offers you significant competitive advantages in order to respect your budget and your schedule.


Your sprouts will have a faster germination and growth rate, thus accelerating your rate of production


Red, sweet and juicy fruits that develop fewer germs and pests


More abundant and tasty raspberries and blackberries that will allow you to maximize your profits


Up to 7 times higher concentration of cannabinoids than with HPS or MH lighting

Unparalleled growth


From design to commissioning on the job site, SYMPHONI offers you significant competitive advantages in order to respect your budget and your schedule.

You want to stand out from the competition with a more efficient greenhouse concept?

The patent pending FlowSink allows for a light, durable, compact and easy to install luminaire with unmatched energy efficiency, reducing the thermal load of the interior.

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Best quality / price ratio on the market

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Compact design for easy installation

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Design and site support


Do you have customers who want a high performance, high quality, affordable, reliable and durable product?

Grâce à la technologie FlowSink de SYMPHONI, votre client réduira ses coûts d’acquisition, limitera au minimum ses frais d’entretien, augmentera sa production horticole et sa rentabilité. Notre équipe d’experts est là pour vous conseiller et vous offrir tous les détails nécessaires pour faciliter votre travail.

. Let us introduce you to our range of high-performance products!

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Ecological and sustainable products

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Technical support during design

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Custom design


Maximize your sales with our line of high performance products with the best warranties on the market!

Contact us to learn more about our distribution program.


Our team of engineers and agronomists developed SYMPHONI products based on years of field feedback with specifiers, builders and horticulturists.

Every detail has been thought out. SYMPHONI products are compact, lightweight, reliable, practical, smart and efficient. Benefits on all fronts!

Incomparable intensity and spectral quality

SYMPHONI combines the latest scientific advances in photobiology with its Flowsink technology to generate an optimal luminous flux with the highest intensity in the world for its size.

Over 10 Years of Life

Flowsink technology increases the life of your fixture by 30% over a standard LED fixture, and 3 to 5 times over HPS and MH fixtures.

Compact, easy-to-maintain models

Ultra-compact models are lightweight and easy to maintain, producing very little shading. They are so easy to handle that you don't need a technician to adjust or replace your fixtures.


SYMPHONI products are controlled by an independent automation system, or integrated into the existing system, if the latter uses standard protocols.

SYMPHONI also allows you to improve the possibilities of light modulation according to the real needs of your crop, in real time!


SYMPHONI's team will accompany you at every step of your project to build or modernize a growing environment. Once your project is completed, the Support and Continuing Education Program will allow you to collaborate with experienced engineers, agronomists and researchers to optimize your gains.

Get complete peace of mind!

Trust SYMPHONI to orchestrate your crops.

SYMPHONI is proudly designed and manufactured in Quebec.

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