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Slide A high precision solution SYMPHONI's flexibility and impressive functionality can become your agronomist's most valuable tool in developing your optimal secret formula. More information

A scalable control system that improves over time


The most cost-effective control solution on the market


Variations infinies du spectre lumineux selon vos besoins

Chaque lumière

Each light is measured and controlled individually

Système contrôle

An evolving control system that grows with your needs

The integrated operation of your greenhouse, at your fingertips

Achieving exceptional results is a combination of many elements. Since each plant has its own language and specific illumination needs, photobiology is still a science with many opportunities for discovery.


Perfectly matched spectral options

With SYMPHONI, an agronomist can determine through experimentation which lighting parameters are optimal for each growth stage of his crop, such as the duration of the light cycles, the light intensity and the proportions and variation of each wavelength of the light spectrum.

Orchestrate your future

SYMPHONI is proud to partner with researchers and research centers to contribute to the development of science in plant biology, agronomy and artificial intelligence.
Let's learn together how to talk to plants and harmonize with them.

Trust SYMPHONI to orchestrate your crops.

SYMPHONI is proudly designed and manufactured in Quebec.

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